I can has Playstation Three?

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I can has Playstation Three? Empty I can has Playstation Three?

Post  Mellie-Master on Thu Feb 26, 2009 1:22 am

What are the best and the worst Playstation Three games so far?

I'd say Street Fighter Three is the best game, but I haven't played it yet so I'll have to wait untill next week.
So instead, I choose Uncharted, cuz' the Playable Character(and the non playable as well) are fucking awesome. But the game mainly is good because of the ZOMBIE NAZI INVASION. HOW FREAKING Awesome IS THAT? D00D!
Srsly, you take Chuck Norris, Tony Hawk, Mr T and a random hot chick, you give 'em some awesome guns, you mix it all together, add some extra internetz and win, and you get uncharted.
I can't wait for uncharted 2!

The worst game would be Grand Turismo 5: prlogue, since It bored the fuck outta me after 5 minutes.
The second worst game would be LittleBigPlanet. it is TOTALLY not-fun. It takes every single good feautre you can think of, and fucks it up. building your own stuff fucking sucks, and takes forever. playing the exsisting levels is gay aswell, since the game is fucking hard. The game says 7+ but if a 8-years-old plays this game you're gonna get an Angry German Kid 2.

sooooo... discuss.

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