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About ChaosCrunchy [spoilers!] Empty About ChaosCrunchy [spoilers!]

Post  ChaosCrunchy on Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:48 pm

Well I Should explain the backstory of my character in better detail oh and if you want to still have some surprises then don't read on...just go away and cover your eyes. RUN! Also I'll talk about secrets of this character that will take affect later.

His past:
He used to live in a different dimension that is much like real life. He was attending High School when he met a very shy girl. They became friends and eventually became boy and girlfriend, and although Chaos loved her she was always alittle apprehensive. It was until one fatefull day that his dimension had it's "apocalypse." An apoacalypse is basically the breakdown of reality until it finally destroys itself. The girl revealed that she was not an ordinary person when she opened a portal out of his dimension and offered to save his life. The offer was taken and in the nick of time left everything he had everknown, in more ways than one.

The moment his dimension had disappeared, his memory of life in there was gone, even important life lessons were lost. Thus he became more child like in essence, and less wiser. He was whisked away to the ARPA training camp, there he had under gone unorthodox and extreme training. His power grew at an alarming rate, when he was checked out by the doctors it was revealed that he had a case of "Dimensional Decomposition." The rules which keeps him from being blinked out of existence were breaking down, the side effects however could give him god like powers.

To slow down the rate of his decay, he was ordered to put on a limiter that would essentially stop the decay. However, it would also lower his abilities significantly. To escape that fate, he snuck out of the training camp and became a theif. He would for a very long time, plunder the realities he came across for weapons, money, lust, power, and a number of other things. Although he did have a sense of good, and along the way he would stop those who would do evil things, and those who got in his way.

ARPA, the ones who trained him, was a constant threat to his way of life. He eventually knew their tactics so well that avoiding them became much like a game to him. But the games would soon stop when a mysterious entity began to take over Chaos's mind and body.

[Big fat mother freaking spoiler alert!] The entity claims to have ALREADY conquered all that exists a long time ago. So he by tecnicality became a real god for about a few seconds. However, when a person becomes a god, he/she must become omnipresent. So that's what happend, his body left and he became connected to everything, although he could do nothing else anymore. That is the price of omnipresence. But there is a loop hole to the rule. If the entity could find the means to bridge the gap between what exists and what doesn't, then he could affect what he once conquered. That's where ChaosCrunchy came in. And if he could continue to stay in Chaos, he would eventualy be brought back from non-existence. The entity, see's everyone as his property. So he doesn't really want to destroy everything, but if he thinks the people he sees are un-worthy then he'll wipe them out of existence. Sometimes taking out entire realities!

Chaos continued to remain under the being's control until finally the entity could manifest itself into existence again. Chaos had awoken to realise that he was an old man and had killed nearly everyone. He was filled with regret and had decided to undo what had happend by going back in time and disguising as his own mentor! He went under the name General Pancake.

He was able to change the past! By knowing exactly just what to tell his younger self, he convinced Chaos to stay in ARPA and put on the limiter!

[HAHAHAHAHAHA! I wonder how long it took ya'll to realise I was talking about the general's life? well im going to stop here for now, and yes i REALY REALY REALY will add more later! But don't be afraid to leave comments and stuff!]
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About ChaosCrunchy [spoilers!] Empty Re: About ChaosCrunchy [spoilers!]

Post  Chrisseh-chan on Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:26 pm

Holy sheeyot, that's deep, man. Deep. Rock on!

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