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This cartoon will happen! Empty This cartoon will happen!

Post  ChaosCrunchy on Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:15 pm

I haven't forgoten about the TFHHA flash. But I think I finally realised I can't do it alone, at least not the whole thing!

What im proposing is that we all make flashes that star your own character(meaning your character is the main character) and the tfhha story through his/her perspective. Now I know there can be some problems like differences in interpretation and obviously older characters are going to have alot more to make up.

BUT! We know this is too big for one person to do, and if you guys really want to see this happen this has got to be the way to do it. I know i've said I was going to do alot of things in the past, but im finally running into some extra time so I can start making my part.

The only rule is to make sure you understand where your character fits into the story and the important events he/she has done so that way indescrepency can be minimized.
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