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Post  Mellie-Master on Sat Mar 22, 2008 11:42 am

Prelude is here:

1. Write in 2nd Person and the past tense(EG: Harold was working hard when suddendly Jimmy came in. he told him that he should...)
2. Everyone can join
3. Non-sence/non-contributing posts will be deleted.

Where we left off:
(posted by TheSilverSerpent:) Stephen had to make a decision fast- Jacobs hand was closing in; and fast.

"Psycho!!" He shouted, noticing at once that he had now emerged from the pocket; his head at least. Aiming the gun quickly, he shot it; rocketing forth past Jacob's arm, right through-until it hit Psycho right between the eyes.

Getting out of the pocket just in time, Psycho fell down to the ground. Stephen was very excited; out of all the people who could help them then, Psycho was definitely a contender, and his powers could easily handle Jacob. However, when Psycho wasn't moving, Stephen noticed something was wrong...

"Oh no!" The girl Stephen had always known as Rachel gasped. "He's unconscious!!" Stephen looked back to her, and then at Psycho, who still wasn't moving.

"Aw great..." He said, as Jacob laughed from above.
"Once i take care of you, i'll just shrink him before he wakes up!" As he went to collect the two, the girl shrieked.

"What do we do now!" She asked, trembling a little.
"Run!" Stephen yelled, grabbing her hand and bolted, dodging Jacob's hand as he made his way towards Millie.

"Run, Millie, Run!!" He shouted, hoping that Jacob might trip or something, allowing their escape...

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Post  TheSilverSerpent on Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:18 am

It's great to see we're continuing this! Very Happy
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