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Post  Mellie-Master on Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:00 pm

Need help with RP-ing?
post here, but check out the FAQ first.

Q: How do I make a character?
A: go to Profile(top) and then select the tab Character Sheet

Q: where are my stats like attack, defense, speed, etc?
A: you have to roll them at the beginning of an RPG.

Q: does/do my race/class/special powers affect the game?
A: not initianally, but if the game master decides it does, yes.

Q: How do I start an RP?
A: just make a topic. specify who is the game-master, the beginning, and tell everyone who wants to join to join within the 1/2 day(s) you want to begin.

Q: there's this RP I REALLY wanna join, but I didn't join at the beginning. can I still join?
A: Annoy Ask the game master of the RP. if he's really nice and your name is not jamesb1995, he/she/it might let you join.

Q: What does a game master do?
A: YOU DUMB F- he controlls everything in the RP. he sais what happens, he sais what the players need to do. he is like god. he's like: "You are walking in a forest." "no we're not!" "SILENCE! a troll emerges out of nowhere. what do you do?" "...kill it, I guess" Player1 rolled the attack dice. it rolled a 6. The game master rolled the defense dice, he rolled a 2. "DARN IT YOU KILLED MY TROLL" "hey, he emerged out of nowhere!" "MY TROLL! WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?" "Screw you I'm out of this RP" "WAIT! MY GIANT HAS TO KILL YOU FIRST!"

Q: Can I have more than one RP character?
A: NO!

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